About us

Ever wondered why most of the quick and convenient breakfast options are rather bland, cold, and carbohydrate heavy? Why you are forced to choose between missing breakfast or eating a tasteless one on busy mornings?

As busy professionals trying to eat healthy and tasty breakfast, we used to ask these questions everyday. We never got a satisfactory answer to our questions until we went abroad for our further studies where we found so many tasty heathy breakfast options.
We fell in love with Breakfast.

So we created Breggo to bring the same healthy, tasty, breakfast love to all the other busy folks like us.
Products so tasty, healthy, and convenient that you won’t want to miss your breakfast. In fact you will look forward to your next date with breakfast.
It’s time for you all fall in love with breakfast. ?

Gaurav and Shubhangini
Founders, Breakfast lovers and Breakfast matchmakers.

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